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LostPeak Media is a Cincinnati, Ohio based aerial (drone) services company. We operate in compliance with Part 107. We are Insured with a highly rated aviation insurance company. Our first priority is to provide a safe and legally compliant drone service. Our drone operators are highly trained pilots with many years of experience and our photographers have a natural eye for capturing the perfect shot.

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Part 107 Compliant

We proudly comply with Part 107.  The FAA recently amended the regulations for flying a drone commercially and we are in full compliance with the new law. This is important because our first priority is safety and we take that commitment seriously. We are also one of the first aerial services companies in the Cincinnati, Ohio area to be Part 107 compliant.

Anyone claiming that they don't sell their time to fly the drone, but instead sell the "services" related to flying a drone are not following the law and could cause problems for your business. Even if you don't end up working with LostPeak Media, don't hire someone that is not compliant with Part 107 of the FAA regulations.

In order to get be Part 107 compliant, we are required to follow standards set out by the FAA. One of these requirements is that a licensed remote pilot must be operating the drone at all times. 

About LostPeak Media

LostPeak Media is a Cincinnati, Ohio based aerial services company that uses the best in drone (UAV) technology to provide aerial photography, aerial videography and aerial mapping for our clients. We are Part 107 compliant and hold a 333 exemption.

Additionally, we have worked hard to develop processes and services packages that take the strain out of purchasing aerial services.

Our pilots maintain a remote pilot's license and have years of experience flying. Our photographers are able to not only capture stunning visuals, but understand your vision of a project and turn that into a reality. 

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Cutting-Edge Commercial Drone Applications

No matter the project you have in mind, we can provide stunning 16 MP high resolution images. The cameras we use are mounted to our UAVs with a 3-axis gimbal providing amazing support, fluid movements, and remarkable clarity. This allows us to provide an amazing final product. We can provide support for everything from asset inspections to real estate marketing and can also schedule progress images on commercial construction sites.

  • Cincinnati Property Photos
  • Commercial Property Marketing
  • Promotional Videos
  • Hotel & Resort Marketing
  • Industrial Property Marketing
  • Construction Planning
  • Rooftop Inspections / Survey
  • Bridge Inspection
  • Gas & Oil Pipe Inspection
  • Asset & Plant Inspection
  • Maintenance Survey
  • Rooftop Inspections / Survey
  • Industrial Roof Inspection
  • Progress Monitoring & Reporting
  • 360˚ Panoramic Virtual Tours
  • Aerial View Presentation
  • Action Sports
  • Cincinnati Weddings
  • Concerts & Live Events
  • Live Event Coverage
  • Promotional Videos
  • Car Dealership Videos
  • Landscape Projects
  • Surveying Parks
  • Design & Construction Planning
  • News Coverage
  • Tradeshow Video & Promotions
  • Mapping & Surveying