Drone Liability Insurance and Hiring an Aerial Services Company with it

Necessity of Insurance

It typically goes without saying that insurance is something most reputable companies (no matter the industry) do not go without. In some cases, insurance is required. But did you know that commercial drone companies are not required (at this point anyway) to carry drone liability insurance? So it is important to ensure that the company you are working with carries a commercial drone liability insurance policy. This is important because a general liability policy for business typically will not cover any damage that results from potential drone accidents.

Drone Liability Insurance

There are a few large companies that offer drone liability insurance and it isn’t very costly. But the importance of insurance is not just to cover any potential costs of damage, it speaks to the quality of the business you are working with. No serious UAV operator will do so without purchasing drone liability insurance. And because you are choosing to step up your game by partnering with a company that already understands the necessity of not only being legal, but also being safe, you are less likely to have to deal with any potential issues.

Most companies offering drone liability insurance will provide discounts to the company if it keeps written policies and procedures in place, uses services that help document all services provided, etc. By working only with organizations that have a drone liability insurance policy, you are likely partnering with a business that is more organized, keeps better records, has a system in place and can properly handle the project you are working on.

Why Should You work with LostPeak Media?

With LostPeak Media, we work well within the parameters set out by the FAA for all of our drone flights (check out this blog post here for more info on our 333 exemption). We have written policies for drone flights, we document the details of all of our drone flights, and we review any project thoroughly on the ground before take off. These factors typically work in the background, but ensure that our team provides the best, most fluid service to all of our clients, no matter the situation. Our number one goal is always to have a safe and legal flight that provides a finished deliverable to our clients. Keeping in line with the process that we have already set up ensures this success.