Cincinnati Drone Aerial Photography

Cincinnati Aerial Mapping

No matter the application, LostPeak has a mapping solution to fit your needs. Our UAV will map its way across your property to create a dataset. Based upon the images in this dataset, we can provide any number of digital solutions with a resolution as high as 1 cm per pixel.

Our UAVs combined with the premiere mapping software we use provide incredibly accurate results. We can provide any of the following services based on your specifications.

The applications for such services are immense, including oil and gas, mining, construction, infrastructure, utility projects and disaster relief. As an additional benefit, our aerial technology allows us to finish large scale projects on a short deadline and for less money than you would traditionally pay for lower quality services. Call us today to discuss how we can provide Cincinnati aerial mapping on your project today.

(Digital Surface Map)

Orthomosaic Maps

Orthomosaic Maps

High-resolution aerial images that are stitched to together for an incredibly clear and seamless map of any size.

3D Model Maps

Our powerful rendering tools can create a 3D model based upon a series of images that allows us to create a fly through animation with customizable movements.

Digital Surface Model

Digital Surface Model Mapping

We can also generate a digital surface model that is also easily exportable to AutoCAD or any GIS software program.

Contour Mapping

Contour Mapping

Based upon the aerial images, we can generate contour lines for any map, allowing easy access to critical elevation information. All files are in an easily exportable file that is compatible with AutoCAD or any GIS software program.