Cincinnati Drone Aerial Photography

Cincinnati Aerial Videography + Production

Drone technology allows for a completely new take on your story. Until now, aerial videography was just out of reach for many applications and small businesses. Our drones are capable of flying at incredibly low altitudes and in some pretty tight spaces to capture an inventive perspective.

Along with this comes incredible mobility, allowing us to set up and break down in a matter of minutes. Our drones are equipped with Micro 4/3 cameras capable of shooting 4K video at 30 frames per second and allow for full video control on the fly. To put it another way, these cameras were made for professional filmmaking.

Only requiring a combination of the right tools and skills with a little bit of vision, stunning aerial video is no longer out of reach. We would love to be your creative partner. Additionally, if you are looking for full production of your video, our team is highly skilled in the art of post-production, using only the most up-to-date processes and software to provide a crisp, clean final cut. Call us today so that we can provide you with Cincinnati aerial videography.

Real Estate Tours

Luxury real estate or country clubs, family farm or commercial districts, aerial video is a stunning marketing tool for your real estate project. Let us help present the image you desire.

Event Coverage

We are a great addition to any event, allowing you to be sure you get the coverage you need. We can provide ground and aerial video for weddings, sporting events, outdoor concerts, etc.

Marketing Videos

If you're looking to shoot a company promo video or show off new office space, we can help. Our professional staff will make sure that you get to tell the story that you want to tell.