Cincinnati Drone Aerial Photography

FAQ on Drones

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Typically called a “drone,” we fly multi-rotor copters that are operated by a remote transmitter.
In order to fly a drone commercially in the United States, the FAA requires any drone operator to be in compliance with Part 107 of the FAA regulations. This is only available to an operator that has a current remote pilot’s license. LostPeak only uses pilot's with a current remote pilot's license and maintains all proper procedures required by the FAA. We also still hold a 333 exemption, which was required under previous FAA regulations. See our 333 exemption here.
Anyone flying a drone on behalf of LostPeak will hold a current remote pilot’s license.
We carry a liability and damage insurance policy through a leading drone insurance carrier and purchase this coverage for each individual flight. If you have any questions, we will gladly produce documentation regarding our insurance policy.
Safety is our first priority. Our company operates our drones under a strict written policy to ensure everyone’s safety. We never fly in inclement weather (and actually aren’t even allowed) , and we don’t fly over large crowds or populated areas. In addition to our trained pilot in command, we typically have a second visual observer in direct communication with the pilot to ensure a safe flight. Our drones also have a “return to home” feature that is automatically triggered if they somehow lose communication with our transmitter.
Legally we have a flight ceiling of 400’ above the ground. We are also required to keep a visual line of sight on the drone while we are flying.
We do not fly in any sort of precipitation (rain, snow, etc.) or high winds (anything over 15 mph). Fortunately, our drones can handle a wide range of temperatures (although extreme high and low temps do have an effect on the battery life) and the gimbal that holds the camera will provide incredible stability for any unexpected wind gusts or sudden movement. We operate in all seasons.
A typical battery on our drone is about 15-20 minutes, but we always strive to keep the drone in the air for no longer than 15 minutes to be safe. Don’t worry, we always come prepared with several batteries to make sure we get the footage you need.
No, in fact we provide ground coverage as well. Although aerial photography from a UAV is our bread and butter, incorporating ground shots into your project can take the end result to a whole new level. If this is something you’re interested in, this is always an option we are always willing to discuss.
Our home base is Cincinnati, Ohio , and we typically work in the greater Ohio area, including Northern Kentucky. That said, we also love to travel, especially with our drones. Should we require travel and lodging, we will work out the details with you beforehand to make sure that the project stays within your budget.
If you are interested in booking us, please click this link and fill out the contact us form. We will contact you within one business day to talk to you about your project.