FAA Part 107 – Hiring a Drone Company that is Compliant

Towards the end of 2016, the FAA implemented new rules for commercial drone operators (FAA Part 107). In part, this helped to reduce the regulatory burden on drone operators and it also worked to make the process safer as well.

LostPeak Media is FAA Part 107 Compliant

LostPeak Media is one of a handful of commercial drone operators in the Cincinnati area that has become compliant with FAA Part 107. We use pilots that have a remote pilot certificate along with at least a private pilot’s certificate (even though this is more than what is required). LostPeak Media exceeds the FAA Part 107 requirement that drone pilots hold a remote certificate, in an effort to ensure maximum safety in all of our flights.

Additionally, FAA Part 107 allows commercial drone operators to request specific exemptions from some of the rules. As it stands, all commercially operated drones must be flown only within a visual line of sight and during daytime hours. Additionally, we typically are unable to fly inside the airspace of most airports. The good news is that we are able to seek exemptions for all of these rules. You can see if the area you want us to fly in is restricted in any way by going to this FAA Part 107 map.

Cincinnati and FAA Part 107

You can tell just by looking at the map that the new regulations will require us to contact the FAA for an exemption for a lot of locations in the greater Cincinnati area (any area inside the orange circles) due to the locations of the airports. The process is very automated and in our experience allows us to get approval (when needed) in less than 6 weeks.

Luckily, the FAA Part 107 regulations also allow for exemptions so that we can fly at night or from a moving vehicle. Overall, these changes are a positive step in the right direction and help us streamline the process for getting your project done more quickly while still being safe and legal.