Aerial Video of Residential Landscaping in Mason, Ohio

We recently had the opportunity to work with a client that provides landscaping services in the greater Cincinnati area. The client, Garden Path Landscaping Services, had done some incredible residential landscaping on some Mason, Ohio homes and wanted to be able to showcase them. All of the homes had pool installations and significant landscaping for beautiful outdoor living spaces. These types of projects are perfect for aerial video and aerial photography. They are visually pleasing and provide residential homeowners (and potential landscaping clients) the opportunity to visualize their own home based on what they see. Any opportunity to provide a potential client with a vision brings you one step closer to more business and these aerial videos do not disappoint. In fact, we were notified by the client here that less than a week after posting these aerial videos to his website and social media, he has already sold another outdoor living space specifically because his new client saw the aerial videos and was impressed with his work.

Our Aerial Video Process

We provided aerial video, aerial photography and ground photography services in order to provide full coverage for each home and outdoor living space. Because each house is different (including potential obstacles), prior to arriving on location, we took a look at each property online so that we have a better idea of the types of aerial video shots we can get. Once on location, we re-assessed to make sure that we could safely provide all of the necessary coverage. After the necessary aerial video was captured, we then edited and branded the raw video into three separate video clips that are now prominently displayed on the client’s website.

These videos provided the client with a beautiful view of his finished product as well as additional¬†traffic to his website when shared online. The aerial photography is also helpful in this same way, providing gorgeous content for the client’s website as well as shareable content to use on all social media outlets. Each of the videos we produced is embedded below.

This is just one of the aerial services provided by LostPeak Media. If you are interested in an aerial videography or aerial photography project, please contact us today.